David’s driving skills move up a gear

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

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Seated smiling young man using an adapted gaming setup

What a fantastic smile from David, who’s levelled up his driving skills with the help of an adapted gaming setup recommended by our specialist assessment team.

David, who has cerebral palsy, loves playing Formula One and Moto GP games with his father on a PS4. He has good movement in his left hand for steering, but moving his right hand is more challenging. The buttons on his controller were too small and close together for him to use effectively so trying to do two things at once, like as steering and braking, was frustrating.

David and his father met with our specialist assessment team via a video call to discuss which combination of adapted gaming equipment options might be able to harness his abilities to their best gaming advantage.

The team suggested a larger joystick with a similar style to the one that David uses for his wheelchair, along with some carefully spaced large buttons fixed securely to a mounting tray. They sent out the equipment, along with suitable connectors and adapters for use with a PS4, as a loan to the family to try.

The fantastic news is that the tech is making a real positive difference, and David’s enjoying the extra gaming independence and racing skills that it’s enabling. We’re so glad we could help, and we’ll be there for David if he needs further support in the future.