Brendan takes control

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

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Boy looking at screen containing football video game

Like many teenagers, Brendan loves playing video games. And, like many teenagers, his two great gaming loves right now are FIFA and Fortnite. He loves them almost as much as he loves his football team, Aston Villa.

Brendan was born with cerebral palsy, a physical condition that affects his movement and co-ordination. He loves to game against his brother but finds it a challenge to reach the trigger buttons on his PS4 controller. This means he’s limited when sprinting in FIFA or shooting in Fortnite.

Brendan’s family contacted us to see if we could help, so Nomi and Cam from our specialist assessment team went over to see if they could help.

Nomi and Cam watched Brendan play with the standard PS4 controller, listened to what he told them about the difficulties he was having, and suggested various combinations of accessible controller options to try. Brendan gave feedback as he tried out the various options and, and was delighted with the combination that best suited his abilities. Our team had positioned two lightweight buttons on the touchpad which Brendan could easily press easily while using the left stick to move.