Bella’s brother takes a back seat

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

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Smiling seated girl using adapted games controller

Bella’s lost a lot of movement and strength in her right arm and legs because of transverse myelitis. She loves to play games but up to now she’s had to rely on her older brother to help with the controls. Stretching her hand to either side of her PS4 controller was a real effort and she was struggling to press the face buttons as well.

Not any more though. Now she’s taking on her favourite LEGO games independently thanks to a custom controller setup created with the help of our therapists Nomi and Joe.

It’s a special one-handed controller attached to a wedge on a beanbag lap tray. It keeps the controller at the perfect angle for her to play and means she doesn’t have to hold it, freeing up her hands. We’ve also given her an adaptor so it’ll work with a Nintendo Switch when she goes to a friend’s house!

We’re so happy to see Bella’s smile. It’s one of hundreds that YOUR support makes possible every year. Thank you so much!