Becky Tyler features in GitHub coding accessibility video

Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

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Don’t miss this fascinating and informative web article from GitHub’s Coding Accessibility series that features our Ambassador Becky Tyler.

Becky, who interacts with her computer exclusively by using her eyes, started off simply wanting to play Minecraft, but the shortcomings of available accessibility tech led her down a path beyond mining ore and into the world of open source software and collaboration. She now attends the University of Dundee, where she studies applied computing. Becky also collaborates with Kirsty McNaught, the developer of our EyeMine software, with the continuing development of the resource.

As well as a providing a compelling insight into Becky’s achievements, the video is a tribute to the dedication of everyone involved in the development of EyeMine, including Kirsty, Becky, SpecialEffect’s Founder & CEO Dr Mick Donegan, SpecialEffect’s Bill Donegan and all the testing and QA team members.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the making of the video. There’s also an accompanying podcast here.