ArchieBot featured on Sky Kids news programme

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

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We were very excited to see Archie and our BubbleBusters project featured on the Sky Kids news programme FYI on 14 May 2021. We worked with his family and school to enable him to join in with his lessons from home via a telepresent robot.

“Archie and his class called it ‘Archiebot’,” said his mum. “It’s a great way for him to talk to his classmates and teacher. As well as being able to turn, look around the class and communicate, Archiebot can also make different faces and light up his head when he knows the answer to a question.”

Our BubbleBusters Project is bringing children with immunodeficiency due to cancer and who are in long-term isolation back together with schools and friends. If you think your child would benefit from our help please do apply.

Below: The trailer for the news article, first featured on the FYI Twitter channel