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Our Ambassadors represent us at a wide variety of levels - industry, business, sports and disability. They're all dedicated to changing lives for the better.

A warm welcome to our recent Ambassadors

Ashby-John John Ashby
Beanland-Robin Robin Beanland
Bromwich-Tom Tom Bromwich
Cockle-Doug Doug Cockle
Dixon-Alan Alan Dixon
Ellard-Natasha Natasha Ellard
Fenwick-Giles Giles Fenwick
Flatt-Michael Michael Flatt
Floyd-Dave Dave Floyd
Harrison-Kit Kit Harrison
Hibbert-Sam Sam Hibbert
Hunter-Nikki Nikki Hunter
Iwaniszak-Simon Simon Iwaniszak
Maker-Neale Neale Maker
Nangle-Charlotte Charlotte Nangle
Neal-Steve Steve Neal
OConnell-Peter Peter O'Connell
Plumb-Abbey Abbey Plumb
Taylor-James James Taylor
Thomas-James James Thomas
Tilbury-Jon Jon Tilbury
Watson-Kate Kate Watson
Zawada-Nikki Nikki Zawada

All Ambassadors

Announced in 2019

Announced in 2018

Announced in 2017

Announced in and before 2015

Any opinions expressed by persons representing SpecialEffect, in any capacity, may not necessarily reflect the opinions of SpecialEffect.Org.UK Ltd and or SpecialEffect.

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