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Our Ambassadors represent us at a wide variety of levels - industry, business, sports and disability. They're all dedicated to changing lives for the better.

A warm welcome to our recent Ambassadors

Armstrong-Kristen Kristen Armstrong
Austin-David David Austin
Carberry-Johnny Johnny Carberry
Cooke-Sam Sam Cooke
Eliasson-Lisa Lisa Eliasson
Flanagan-Will Will Flanagan
Folwell-Hastings-Susan Susan Folwell-Hastings
Folwell-Russell Russell Folwell
Freeman-Adam Adam Freeman
Hammond-Andrew Andrew Hammond
Hickins-Rich Rich Hikins
Jagger-Jim Jim Jagger
Jones-Kolo Kolo Jones
Macdonald-Colin Colin Macdonald
Malone-Claire Claire Malone
Mensah-Bonsu-Deborah Deborah Mensah-Bonsu
Osili-Wood-Elle Elle Osili-Wood
Panattoni-Jenn Jenn Panattoni
Perry-Josh Josh Perry
Portunato-Nicolo Nicolo Portunato
Ramnani-Sapna Sapna-Ramnani
Reddington-Joe Joe Reddington
Reilly-Katy Katy Reilly
Ritchie-Lucinda Lucinda Ritchie
Rumley-Edward Edward Rumley
Sams-Zoe Zoe Sams
Saunders-Tara Tara Saunders
Seal-Paul Paul Seal
Shearman-Brettle-Martin Martin Shearman-Brettle
SiriusWolf SiriusWolf
Tagger-Steve Steve Tagger
Vant-Hoff-Jessany Jessany Van't Hoff
Welsford-Kat Kat Welsford
Williams-Lee Lee Williams

All Ambassadors

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Announced in 2019

Announced in 2018

Announced in 2017

Announced in and before 2015

Any opinions expressed by persons representing SpecialEffect, in any capacity, may not necessarily reflect the opinions of SpecialEffect.Org.UK Ltd and or SpecialEffect.

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