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Our Ambassadors represent us at a wide variety of levels - industry, business, sports and disability. They're all dedicated to changing lives for the better.

A warm welcome to our recent Ambassadors

Clark-Martyn Martyn Clark
Clark-Will Will Clark
Dino-David David Dino
Fissenden-John John Fissenden
Freeman-Henrietta Henrietta Freeman
Greenfield-Silvana Silvana Greenfield
Greenwood-Tommy Tommy Greenwood
Harvey-Paige Paige Harvey
Haywood-Nick Nick Haywood
Laming_Fee Fee Laming
Lloyd-Tony Tony Lloyd
Prince-Liz Liz Prince
Quintal-Hatch-Jaymes Jaymes Quintal-Hatch
Ravenhill-David David Ravenhill
Strand_Stig Stig Strand
Taylor-David David Taylor
Tyler-Becky Becky Tyler
Ward-Frankie Frankie Ward
Wise-Tracy Tracy Wise
Young-Bob Bob Young

All Ambassadors

Announced in 2018

Announced in 2017

Announced in and before 2015

Any opinions expressed by persons representing SpecialEffect, in any capacity, may not necessarily reflect the opinions of SpecialEffect.Org.UK Ltd and or SpecialEffect.

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