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About Steve

Steve explains how we provided him with hope and independence after his spinal injury.

"SpecialEffect came into my life early on when I was in hospital. When you’re in hospital, you’re in bed, you’ve broken your neck and you think your world’s going to end. But then you guys came along and I think oh, you know, I can still be part of the community. I can send messages to friends and family… it put a smile on my face, that’s the difference it made, because when these things happen to you, you just don’t know what’s ahead. And being humans, we always think the worst, don’t we."

"SpecialEffect came to my home, once we’d set it all up with the table, the laptop in front of me and just recalibrated a few things on the machine. I could then basically surf the web. But I think the biggest factor was the fact that I felt independent, and I didn’t need anyone to do this for me."

"The gaming was another step forward. You guys took me through it. Got all the controls: left, right, fire. Again, it was another opening into another world that you thought you would never see again. SpecialEffect took me through, a step at a time, on what was the best for me, which buttons worked, which buttons didn’t work."

"I’ve always enjoyed games - I’ve been awake at four in the morning playing Halo and things like that. It was another part of your life coming back."

"They’ve totally changed my life for the better. OK, you’ve been in an accident, but this is another step forward into another life. Your world’s not over, it’s just beginning."

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