Can we help?

If you have a physical disability that hinders or stops you playing video games, get in touch. You don't need to be referred to us by a doctor or therapist, as the help we're offering is available directly to anyone with a genuine need.

How can specialeffect help?

Depending on what's required, a visit to our Games Room with its suite of accessible gaming computers may be suitable for a fun session to see what works for you. We can also visit you in your home if your disability limits your ability to travel. Call us on 01608 810055 or email us on

is there an age limit?

No. We've introduced children as young as three to computer games that will help to develop their recognition of cause and effect, and we've worked with senior citizens too.

I'm a professional - Can I contact you?

Yes, we're always happy to consider individuals who are referred on to us. If it sounds like they could benefit from our input, we will then work directly with the individual to establish how we might be able to help. We do not, however, make joint assessment or support visits with any other organisation.

What types of games do you give advice about?

We're working to introduce all forms of technology-based leisure, including popular computer games like FIFA 13, Football Manager, Call of Duty, Dirt, MineCraft and Team Fortress. But we're also there to help with pastime games like computer chess or sudoku - and even switch-operated ball throwers for interacting with the family dog.

What are the benefits of computer games?

We've seen many physical improvements that have been confirmed by occupational therapists and physiotherapists, but the greatest benefit is inclusion. Being able to join in with friends and family (and beat them!) is priceless for self-esteem and independence.

How much will it cost?

We don't charge for any help or loans that we give to individuals, and that includes support visits and loans from our equipment library. Having said that, we're heavily reliant on your donations to continue our work, so your support is always appreciated. 

Can you lend me any equipment?

Where appropriate (and if we have the equipment available), we'll do our our best to lend you suitable controllers or setups that can help with your access to gaming. At the moment this service extends to UK residents only.

You can try out equipment at our games room here in Oxfordshire, or we may be able to visit you at your home if you're unable to travel. In some cases we'll send out equipment by post. There's no charge for any of these services.

We'll provide support for your loan and, if necessary, tweak the equipment to give you the best chance of success with it. Again, we, don't charge for this.

Once you've found a setup or a controller that you're happy with, we'll give you details about where to to purchase your own. We don't sell any equipment ourselves.  

At the end of the loan we can arrange to have the equipment picked up free of charge, or you can send it back to us yourself.

The length of the loan depends on the equipment, and generally lasts about two months. That's usually long enough for you to be sure that it's the right choice. We're sure you can appreciate that there's always a long waiting list for the kit, so we we can't offer any longer loan periods. 

Can you visit me tomorrow?

With the best will in the world, probably not. Our small team covers the whole of the UK, and demand is high. But we'll do our utmost to help as soon as possible if we can.

Won't you try to sell me something?

No. The vast majority of the equipment that we use is already available to buy from the suppliers, should it be suitable. That also means that our advice is impartial. In the cases where we adapt equipment to suit individual abilities, we'll do it without charge.

Could you give a presentation at my conference?

Unfortunately we're maxed out with assessment work and, due to time pressures, we have to strictly limit any presentations at these types of events.