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StrideQuest signups are now CLOSED. Thank for your AMAZING StrideQuest support over the last few months!

Turn your regular exercise into an adventure to remember with this unique fitness challenge! In collaboration with game illustrator and writers RPG Toons and R-N-W, we’ve created an exciting RPG-inspired virtual fitness challenge that transforms the streets of your daily walk or run into a quest through mountains, forests and epic landscapes!

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Get ready to quest!


"Although the sun is shining brightly across Stridelands, you’re sitting inside feeling glum and listless. To find a cure, you must accept the challenge to travel beyond your small village of Loftwood to climb mountains, explore forests and discover new and mysterious places in your quest to uncover the remedy before it’s too late…”

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A unique fitness challenge

With Spring beckoning and the UK finally having a roadmap out of lockdown, StrideQuest is the perfect virtual challenge to keep you motivated and improve your fitness.

StrideQuest is distance-based adventure that you can enjoy as part of your regular run or walk. As you cover the miles you'll be emailed successive segments of a unique fictional StrideQuest map designed by e5 Quest Pack creators Rose and Niels, the writer and illustrator behind Each map unlocks the next chapter of the StrideQuest story, taking you on a journey of discovery through new and wonderful lands. By the end, you’ll have completed the full map and found the cure to the mysterious illness!

With two distances to choose from - 50 or 100 miles - StrideQuest is a challenge for everyone, whether you’re looking for a family activity, wanting to compete with friends or colleagues or just looking for a new challenge. Taking part couldn’t be easier – all you need is a fitness app such as Strava or Google Fit on your phone, or a smartwatch to record the distances you cover.

The StrideQuest challenge runs from 1 April to 31 May. You can sign up at any point during this period and you’ll need to complete your chosen challenge within two months from your first recorded walk.

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Earn the rewards

Complete the challenge and you'll earn a Quester's certificate that'll be sent to you by email. If you raise at least £20 you'll receive a beautifully illustrated limited edition StrideQuest map artwork print. Raise more than £50 and you'll also be the proud owner of a StrideQuest t-shirt!

Your questions answered

Is it an online map I'll be following?

We’ll send segments of the illustrated map and story to you via email when you reach the relevant waymark points. There isn’t an online app showing your progress along the route.

What are the waymark points for the challenges?

For the 50 mile challenge you'll receive the relevant segments of the story and map at the following points:

0 miles – Chapter One/The Beginning
5 miles – Chapter Two
10 miles – Chapter Three
20 miles – Chapter Four
35 miles – Chapter Five
50 miles – Chapter Six/The Ending

For the 100 mile challenge you'll receive the relevant segments of the story and map at the following points:

0 miles – Chapter One/The Beginning
10 miles – Chapter Two
25 miles – Chapter Three
50 miles – Chapter Four
75 miles – Chapter Five
100 miles – Chapter Six/The Ending

How will I receive the map and story?

These will be emailed to you – make sure you use an email address you use regularly when signing up.

What are my registration options?

Individual: choose the 'Individual' ticket option when registering.

Groups Together - if you’re in the same household or you’ll be doing the event together with other people (such as families, couples or other bespoke arrangements agreed with SpecialEffect), choose the 'Group Together' ticket and state how many are in your group.

Teams – eg not in the same household or workplace. If you’ll be walking on your own and not working towards a joint, bespoke distance, then register as individuals. Let us know that you're in a team, how many are in the team and what your team name is.

If you’d like to work as a team towards a distance together, get in touch with us at

I haven’t received the next instalment of the story and map.

Check your junk folder first. Some emails from Eventbrite and general addresses like can end up in here so it’s worth saving these as trusted addresses. If it’s not there and you don’t receive it within two days of when you expected, email

How do I send you evidence of my progress?

If you’re using JustGiving and Strava, you can link your accounts so your walks are uploaded automatically. After this, you won’t need to do anything. If you’re using a different app, or not connecting Strava to JustGiving, email us a photo or a screenshot showing the distance you’ve covered.

What are the fundraising incentives?

Complete the distance to receive an official Questers’ certificate via email (evidence of completion required)
Raise £25 to receive a limited edition print of the StrideQuest map
Raise £50 to receive a limited edition StrideQuest t-shirt

The limited edition print and t-shirt will be posted out from 20 August after the event has closed. this gives us time to order exact numbers of each item. This reduces our costs significantly and ensures your donations are making the biggest impact possible. Posting times may be delayed due to COVID-19, but if you’re still missing items by the 18 September, please get in touch with us at

When do I need to get my donations to you?

You won’t need to do anything if you’ve signed up using JustGiving - they’ll send the funds and any Gift Aid to us automatically. Otherwise, please try and get your donations to us by the end of July 2021. If you've received any cash donations you may want to count these (with a witness) and then pay the cash into your own bank account. You can then donate the equivalent amount onto your own fundraising page.

Is it safe to take part during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Whenever you take part in any challenge, it’s important to look after yourself. Under the restrictions at the time of writing (March 2021), you can exercise as much as you like every day, so it’s possible to take part in StrideQuest. Please ensure you follow all government advice and look after your own safety as well as the safety of those you come into contact with by keeping your distance from others and only exercise with members of your household, support bubble or one other person.

Do I have a fundraising target?

Although there’s no obligation to fundraise, we have some amazing incentives if you do AND you’ll be supporting our life-transforming work.

Where does my money go?

StrideQuest is a fundraising event for SpecialEffect and your donations will support our work helping physically disabled people to play video games. It will also support our other beneficial projects. You can find out more about some of the people we’ve helped here.

Can you help me with my fundraising?

Of course! We’re always available to help, so please drop us an email at Along with advice, we can help you with fundraising materials you may need such as video and social media links.

Can I fundraise online?

Absolutely - online fundraising is a fantastic way for you to collect sponsorship from your friends, family and colleagues, particularly those you don’t see every day. From your donors’ point of view, it’s a quick, easy and secure method of donating. When you register for the event an online fundraising page is automatically created for you. This is your page, add your picture, write some text about what you’re doing and why, set your fundraising target, then send the link out to friends, colleagues and your family so they can sponsor you easily and securely.

Can I register as part of a team?

Yes. If you’ll all be physically taking part together as a family or a couple for example, choose the group registration option, then the 'Group Together' ticket. Select the number of tickets you need and register each family member. One nominated person will then receive all communications. It you want to set up a team of people who’ll be completing their challenges in their own separate locations - workplace colleagues for example - the team leader will need to register first. Choose the group registration option, set up your team and select the 'Individual' ticket. You can then invite your team members to join from your team page. All your members will need to register as individuals within your team. If you’d like your team to work together to complete a bespoke distance, get in touch with us at

Can I fundraise offline?

Yes you can - it may be more difficult with the current restrictions, but don't feel restricted to online-only fundraising. If you have any cash donations you may want to count these (with a witness) and then pay the cash into your own bank account. You can then donate the equivalent amount onto your own fundraising page.

Any other questions?

Email us at and we'll do our best to help.

Stay safe

Please ensure that you observe the latest Government guidelines around exercise and social distancing whilst completing your challenge. SpecialEffect accepts no liability for injury or damage to property sustained in completing your virtual event.


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