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31 Aug 2013

Love Minecraft and Yogscast? Bid now for giant signed figures!

Take a look at this! It's eight massive Minecraft skins of the wonderful folk at Yogscast who've donated them to be auctioned for SpecialEffect, raising money for gamers with disabilities!

This is all the wonderful idea of Multiplay, who commissioned the statues for the August Insomnia Expo. As well as the Yogscast crew, we've got 14 more of the quality cardboard cavaliers featuring all sorts of people in the Minecraft community. Some of them are signed, and we'll be auctioning them on Ebay over the next few weeks.

The first group, featuring signed statues of Sips, Sjin, DaveChaos, InTheLittleWood, Duncan, and Strippin, along with unsigned statues of Lewis and Honeydew, are up for auction now on Ebay! What's even more generous is the fact that the crew paid for the production costs of their own statues before donating them!

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