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16 Dec 2013

With a little help from his friends

You’ve got to hand it to the amazing George and his determination to improve his gaming. A spinal injury has left him with no finger movement, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting to grips with the latest titles.

He’s still got movement in his head and some in his arms, and with a bit of ingenuity from his friends and ourselves, he’s able to master his Xbox.

Now this might not look all that pretty, but it works. What you’ve got here is one big wooden arm, built by his friends, that gives him control of four nose switches. Added to this are a couple of modified joysticks to which Gill, our therapist, has moulded hand and wrist supports. Then there’s some light touch switches he can dip his hands onto, and the setup’s completed with a couple of muscle-activated cheek switches.

Bingo. GTA V and Call of Duty back on the radar.

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