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SpecialEffect News

16 Dec 2019

When Zack met Ninja

When Microsoft offered us the chance to catch up with streamer megastar Ninja recently and show him our EyeMine software, there was one person we really wanted him to meet - Zack - and an amazing way to do it!

Zack was six when his Leukaemia returned after several years of remission. He became very ill and was confined to his isolation room in hospital for more than six weeks where only his parents could visit him.

During this time his love of Fortnite came alive. It was the only connection he had to his brother and cousins and is still one of the main ways he gets to chat with his friends - his immunity is still weakened and he’s now isolated at home.

But now he’s able to be part of school life again via a little robot that sits on his desk in his classroom. He can speak to and see his classmates and teacher from home via an iPad.

It’s all thanks to our BubbleBusters project, which provides the robots and the support needed to make this inclusion a reality. We visited the school earlier this year after Zack’s parents had got in touch.

“The school were ready for our setup visit,” said Harry, our Technician, “We had Zack’s robot up and running within minutes. Neither his teacher nor many of his fellow classmates had met him because he’d been out of school and isolated for so long! So, introductions all round and Zack was superbly brave speaking to his teachers for the first time, through his robot!”

But Zack’s certain about what he wants to do when he grows up. He’s going to win the Fortnite World Cup.

“His parents’ delight at the £30 million prize pool quickly turned to concern when he said he’d spend all his winning on V-Bucks and Fortnite skins,” laughs Harry.

“And when we heard there was a chance to meet the biggest Fortnite streamer on the planet…yeah, I thought of Zack…of course I did!”

We took Zack’s robot to London and through it he got to meet his idol Ninja. They discussed all things Fortnite: favourite guns, favourite dances and of course, favourite skins. And to finish a wonderful meeting, Ninja even showed Zack the Christmas lights of Oxford Circus.

“You’ve made Zack so happy!” said his mother.

It’s the least we could do, Zack, so glad you enjoyed it, and all the best with the Fortnite career!

Below: Zack chats with Ninja via his robot. Inset shows Zack watching on his iPad at home.

Nina talks to the robot: inset shows Zack watching on his iPad

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