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SpecialEffect News

12 Dec 2013

When gaming is the only option

Some people describe gaming as their life. For David, there is literally nothing else. He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a condition where his muscles waste away over time. He's bedbound, and because he has virtually no movement, watching television is the only entertainment he has.

That's why gaming is so important to him. It's his only means of proactively enjoying life, bringing back the vital gifts of inclusion and confidence. Until recently he still had the hand strength to control his PS3, but as his condition progressed, he lost the ability to push some of the switches on the controller. 

We visited David at his home in Swansea. Gill, one of our occupational therapists, worked with him to reposition his hands so that his remaining finger strength could be used in the most effective way. We remapped the controls using a fantastic unit that was generously built and donated by the wonderful engineering team at Mondelez International (thank you Matt Teare, Tony Saunders and Paul Saxton!). The L1 and L2 buttons were remapped to light-touch switches, which were carefully positioned to fit his hand position. 

As a result, David’s back playing Grand Theft Auto with his brother. And playing well.

“David doesn't say much,” said his mother, “But his face yesterday spoke a million words. Thank you.” 

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