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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

06 Nov 2013

Welcome to the world of gaming, Dominic!

Great to meet Dominic at SpecialEffect Towers yesterday - smashing bloke, and we had an absorbing day exploring games that would be suitable for him to enjoy.

He’s 27, and although he uses a mouse to control his computer, he finds most games too complex and difficult to understand because of his cerebral palsy. He needed help finding games that he could control just with a mouse, and also games that he could understand and get some success and enjoyment from.

Although many of the amazing people we help have physical disabilities, we’re also here for people who can’t immediately handle the cognitive demands of the latest PC or console titles - people who simply want to join in the fun, inclusion and buzz of achievement that casual gaming can give.

After assessing Dominic’s needs and abilities, Gill and Bill settled on four titles that could get him started with games - Peggle, Candy Crush, Feeding Frenzy and Bash those Balls - and he had an absolute blast trying them out. They might be classed as casual games, but for Dominic, they’re massive.

But we hope it’s not going to end there. Gill and Bill encouraged Dominic to experiment with using a joystick and a button switch for some FIFA shooting fun and introductory SEGA Online Rally Arcade driving. And he loved it!

We’re already looking forward to the possibility of extending his gaming journey, a journey that’s only possible because of the wonderful support that you give us. Thanks again - you’ve kickstarted Dominic into a world of fun and made a huge difference to his quality of life.

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