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SpecialEffect News

08 Oct 2013

Update: Paul's tenacity pays off

Paul suffered a high spinal injury and was being treated at Stanmore Hospital when his OT contacted us a few months ago. He'd been a keen gamer before his accident and, despite having virtually no finger movement and very limited arm movement, he was desperate to get playing again.

We went to see him in hospital and worked out an equipment setup with two button switches and a palm-controlled joystick. Almost immediately he was enjoying FIFA in its two button mode.

His mum told us that after we'd left, he'd rung her to say that he'd just had the best day ever!

We're always looking to push the boundaries, so we went back to visit Paul at home recently and spent more time examining which of his more subtle arm movements might be harnessed to use extra remapped game controls. As a result, we've now lent him a setup with five buttons and a joystick.

And… we're really excited to say that as a result of his determination to play, along with some additions to his setup, he's now playing Call of Duty with his brother!

We're so delighted for Paul. He's the real star here - it's his tenacity that's enabled him to achieve so much with such limited physical ability, and we're looking forward to helping him in the future when he's ready to push his gaming boundaries again.

Come to think of it, he's already muttering something about GTA V…

Below: Paul's new setup. Note the two button switches near the right-hand arm of his wheelchair. Flick of the wrist to crouch, flick of the hand to fire!

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