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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

04 Apr 2017

Two-toe tapping gives Scott gaming independence

Scott is 24 and LOVES games. Role-playing games, shooters, side-scrollers – you name it, he’s played it.

Frustratingly, muscular dystrophy has affected the strength of his hands, weakening his fingers and making them tire quickly. He was increasingly losing his gaming independence and needed his brother Samuel - also a huge gamer - to help him use his controller.

So when his request to play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands came though, it looked like a tough challenge for our team. It’s a game that demands absolutely full use of the controller functions, including the D-PAD, and Scott was having difficulty reaching at least half a dozen of the controls.

Joe and Cam went up to Scotland to see what they could do. They began by substituting his Xbox controller with a lightweight version that also had sticks and buttons that were easier to use. Then they carefully positioned five ultralight switches around the controller where he could reach them without removing his fingers from the joysticks.

But even that still didn’t provide enough control. They were two button presses short.

It was Scott’s feet that provided the answer. He has awesome toe movement, so Joe and Cam positioned two more switches by his feet and suddenly he had access to all the functions on his new controller. What's more, he can remap all his new controls to suit many of the games he's been desperate to play!

“Scott was absolutely chuffed,” said Cam. “It’s great to know he’s got his gaming independence back. He’s now taking on his brother Samuel online!”

It's only thanks to your overwhelming support that we're able to fund the equipment, expertise and transport to bring the magic of games to more people like Scott. You're fantastic!!!


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