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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

29 Jan 2013

Tough guys put through the mill for SpecialEffect

It's sometimes tempting to use a bit of artistic license when talking about our fundraising events, but last Sunday's Tough Guy Challenge was absolutely all it was cracked up to be - appalling.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who supported the team through sponsorship. Over £5000 was raised to help people with disabilities to benefit from computer games. But every penny of that was paid for in blood and sweat.

"The event itself was as bad as I feared," said Audiomotion's Mick Morris on Facebook. "And then some. I wondered why there were squaddies lining up in desert camo gear. Turns out some are sent to do Tough Guy before deploying to Afghanistan since the British Army have recognised it as the most difficult, arduous course of its kind in the World."

"It's 15km or 8 miles thereabout. Around 4km you meet The Slalom, ten vertical ascents, 150 muddy metres each at 45 degrees, designed to destroy your legs before you even get to the difficult stuff. The Brook Slalom finishes the legs but it's a fantastic testament to the human condition. Pretty much every competitor pulled and pushed their fellow runners out of the eight-foot trenches. The remaining 11k became a blur. Just keeping moving to stop the cold setting in was the goal. The deep mud was terrible - many, many men lost their shoes and their dignity."

"We got electrocuted on several larger obstacles. The Gallipoli lake was rough, pushing chunks of ice out of the way. To whoever I kicked in the face in the Torture Chamber, I'm sorry but it was an involuntary reaction to to the electric 'eels'" 

"Anyway, I finished it barfing across the line after 3hours and 27mins. It took 4 attempts to get my clothes off."

Johnny Minkley agreed about the spirit of the event. "The camaraderie throughout was incredible. I got separated from the rest of the SE lot early on, but had strangers pushing and pulling me onwards and upwards at every turn. Not sure I'd ever do it again, but I'm glad I've done it. And, more importantly, I'm thrilled at how much we've raised for SpecialEffect."

Hats off to a fantastic team to whom the phrase 'man up' is never going to bother them again.

Huge thanks to Katrina Mosson and Julian Widdows for the great pics!

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