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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

10 Jun 2018

Tony's toes take control

“This is absolutely brilliant. I can’t believe how good this is!”

Tony’s no stranger to winning. He plays golf at national and international competitions, but he’s always struggled to compete with his son in video games because he can’t use the triggers or bumpers on a standard controller effectively.

That’s why it was great to be able to introduce him to a setup that uses foot switches instead of the hard-to-reach triggers, and here he is nailing Forza 7.

We then added a second pair of small foot switches to act as the bumper controls, and he was soon mastering the first person shooter games he’s been itching to beat his son at.

“I had a great day,” he tweeted later from @shortarmgolfer. “The time (SpecialEffect) took and the expertise to configure my new controller setup has opened up a new world of gaming for me.”

“Who needs thumbs when you have toes!”

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