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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

11 Nov 2017

Tom rolls with the punches to raise funds

“How often do you get to pay someone to get hit in the face and feel all warm and happy about it afterwards?”

That’s one of the best fundraising lines we’ve heard in ages, and came from the magnificent Tom Gerbicz, who boxed to uphold the honour of SpecialEffect last week.

He entered the ring in the Macron Stadium in Bolton for the very first time on 4 November after eight weeks of training. He took on a powerful firefighter, fought bravely but ultimately lost the fight.

“I didn't end up winning the fight but I'm really proud of my performance,” he said. “The old 'it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward' line comes to mind”

The real winners were the people his sponsorship is going to help, and we’re immensely proud and grateful to him for putting himself through the mill for SpecialEffect.

Tom hit his £200 fundraising target and his page is still open for donations.

The pictures below speak blood, sweat and pain, and we can’t thank Tom enough for taking on such a bruising physical challenge to support our work. He’s a champion in our eyes, despite the outcome!

Below: Innnn the blue corner...

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