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SpecialEffect News

14 Sep 2017

Tom hits five in FIFA

Great to see our friend Tom again this week! Joe and Gillian went to visit as his Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is limiting his hand movements a little more. Gillian takes up the story:

"We’ve previously made the sticks and buttons on his Xbox 360 controller more sensitive so he could keep playing as his hands became weaker."

"He told us he hasn’t been able to use the controller for a while, so we went to look at alternatives. After trying various tech he’s now got a PS4 and got on really well with a chin-controlled PS4 controller. We added three lightweight switches in his hands and a couple more on the controller, and now he’s playing again!"

Tom celebrated being back on the FIFA pitch with a 5-0 win!

"So happy, my son can play FIFA again," said Tom's mum, "Thanks guys so much!"

Below: Liverpool 5, Man Utd 0. A great result for Tom with his new gaming setup!

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