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04 Oct 2013

The Last Of Us: Unique poster up for grabs!

Big picture alert! This little beauty has had pride of place at SpecialEffect Towers for a few weeks, patiently waiting its turn to be auctioned on Ebay to help disabled people to enjoy computer games.

It's a fabulous and unique The Last Of Us poster, signed by the game's development team at Naughty DogIt's been kindly donated by the wonderful team at This Is My Joystick (TIMJ) is an independent organisation who have been providing editorials, features and reviews of video games since 2009. Special thanks go to the splendid Neil Hickton and Paddy Maginn for pulling the strings to making this auction possible.

The poster has been professionally framed and the overall size (including the wooden frame) is roughly 52cm x 32cm x 2cm. The signatures are genuine, and the development team have used a silver pen.

Despite doe-eyed pleas from Bill and Gav to keep it (think Puss in Boots), its now time to find it a new owner worthy of its magnificence.

Go bid! Before we do! 

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