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SpecialEffect News

30 Sep 2013

The Eurogamer Effect

Staff staggering happily in this week in the wake of Eurogamer 2013. Fantastic show, and we all got such a boost from meeting everyone.

First up, we wouldn't have been there at all were it not for the generosity of Rupert Loman, plus the brilliant David Lilley and his team at gamer-network.

Then we've got to give huge slaps on the back to the great volunteers that helped us man the stand over the four days. That's James Harkness, Shaz Hossain, Cassie Smith, Richard Boon, Richard Hoffman, Joe Dale, Colin Chang and Isaac Harvey. Take a bow, and thank you!

Just brilliant that so many of our friends took the time to drop in as well. Friends like Scott Marley, Scott Watson and Paul Lithgow (the Borderlands marathon trio), Peter Slater, @methodman781 (and his swear jar!), GamerDads, Tom Chester, Mike Warner, Adam Potts, Danny Goulsbra... and so many more.

Below: A group of illustrious GamerDads (is there a collective noun?), and Arthur Tolmie raffling away his Xbox One at the MadCatz party.

And where would be be without the support of people like Arthur Tolmie and the MadCatz crew, the mighty StickTwiddlers, and the GamesAid Trustees, who together raise eyewatering sums to help disabled gamers. There are just too many of you to mention - and you're all equally important to us - so apologies if we haven't namechecked you personally here.

Apologies for gabbling away too much to the crews who were kind enough to interview us for their own media channels. There's already some great footage on Developer's Accomplice (thank you Mark Trett!) and Tom Chester's channel.

Below: Shoubna Patel and the Coventry crew drop in, and Gav shakes the hand of @Methodman781, who swears blind he's fundraising.

Below: Two Scotts and a Paul, who had this big cheque posted to their London hotel from Glasgow!


The SE team had their eye caught by a range of games as well. Gav had designs on Hohokum, Bill was tempted by the siren call of Beyond: Two Souls, Hannah was swooning over Three Monkeys, and the accessibility possibilities of FSX were fluttering their eyelashes at Mark.

The work that we're doing is unique, intense, and sometimes very left field, but meeting everyone last week confirms that we're doing the right thing. And that's what really matters.

Below: Our CEO Mick takes SE volunteer Isaac through the DiRT3 eyegaze challenge

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