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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

20 Jun 2017

Thank you for your support!

It’s simple really, without your support we wouldn’t be here! Absolutely every penny you raise really counts, and we’re so grateful that you’re giving up huge amounts of your time, effort and enthusiasm to help people with disabilities to discover the magic of video games.

In the last few weeks you’ve been pulling out all the stops in an amazing range of fundraising activities. Here’s just a few, and apologies to so many others that aren’t mentioned here.

The baking season has arrived with some delicious creations being lovingly created and sold for us - thanks to the fantastic folk behind the bakes in London and Norwich! The Yogscast have also been in selling mode and auctioned off some of their Yogs Towers and personal items in a Yard Sale.

Teams from SEGA and Creative Assembly raised over £1000 in the gruelling Isle of Wight 106k challenge, and talking of gruelling, staff at Abbott Diabetes Care have just completed the Three Peaks Challenge last weekend and are, by all accounts, still feeling the burn! As are the Playground Games staff who gave blood sweat, and tears (and gained a lot of mud) when they completed the Wolf Run in Leicestershire.

Dr Joe Reddington is arranging the floral adornment of Alan Turing's statue on the anniversary of his birthday, the Dunnings family unplugging the console and powered through a tabletop gaming marathon to raise over £300, and our friends Gumpster and Blanks raised £600 by being… pied in the face.

Perhaps the most bizarre recent fundraiser was proceeds from a Karaoke pod at the launch of The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me! You couldn't make this stuff up. 

Such an awesome range of ways to raise money to help gamers with disabilities! To everyone who’s donated recently - we can’t thank you enough!

Let us know if you’re planning a fundraiser and we’ll support you all the way with publicity, media, materials and fundraising advice. Contact Nick Streeter ( or call him on 01608 810055 with your fundraising inspiration!

Below (clockwise): The Isle of Wight walk, the Dunning's family tabletop marathon, the Wolf Run, a pre-pie smile, bid for Turp's fez, the Norwich cake sale, and Alan Turing's statue.

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