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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

04 Apr 2017

It's the Double Fine Humble Bundle!

WOW! Prepare to be bundled over! SpecialEffect the chosen beneficiary of the Amnesia Fortnight 2017 Humble Bundle from our mighty fine friends at Double Fine Games.

You can vote for your favorite game ideas to be prototyped and on April 28 you download the chosen two finished prototypes for Windows. They've also thrown in some full games, too, so you can start playing while they jam!

It’s an honour to have the support of the Double Fine, who are led by games industry legend and SpecialEffect VP Tim Schafer. He heard about us five years ago when a friend sent him this video of Chloe and her friend Ella playing Double Fine’s Once Upon A Monster together for the first time.

Since then we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Double Fine on projects that let more gamers with disabilities enjoy their games. Tim became a SpecialEffect VP in 2015:

“I’m amazed and inspired by the great work that SpecialEffect does every day,” he said on acceptance. “I’ve always believed video games have the power not just to entertain, but really reach and connect. Thanks to SpecialEffect, they’re able to connect even more people.”

Thanks again, Tim, and of course many, many thanks to Humble Bundle. Over the years your support has made a breathtaking difference!

Below (inset): Tim Schafer with SpecialEffect CEO Dr Mick Donegan

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