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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

25 Oct 2013

Stargazing in Ireland

Nothing to do with astronomy, this. Our StarGaze project takes our work with eye-controlled technology way beyond video games, to help people with very complex disabilities - people who suffer a sudden injury or illness that leaves them completely paralysed, unable to move any part of their body other than their eyes, and often unable to speak.

Dr Mick and Marta are regularly disappearing off to far-flung corners of the UK and beyond on support visits, so a couple of weeks ago it was great for them to combine a trip to Ireland to visit Annie (see pic below) with the chance to speak about the benefits of the project at the Doctrid iii Technology and Disability Conference in Dublin. 

We're currently supporting over 50 people in the project, and there’s a mounting waiting list. But we don’t skip on detail to play the numbers game - each individual has specific needs and we make sure they get the maximum specialist support to ensure the equipment is being used to best effect.

Below: Marta explaining how the tech is just a means to an end

Where possible, we'll snap up opportunities to spread the word about how technology can provide life-changing benefits for people with complex disabilities. There's some incredible tech out there, and when it's used in the right way with the right support, we're more than happy to shout about it from the hilltops.

Below: Dr Mick helps Anne, who has locked-in syndrome, to control a computer with her eyes.

And as a public service we just have to give a shout out to the wonderful and generous Libby Sheehy, whose B&B in Celbridge is the bees knees. Highly recommended. 

Below: gratuitous pic of Marta with one of Libby's loveable great danes


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