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20 Sep 2013

Team Fortress viewfinder now available online!

Our first Team Fortress 2 item - the Virtual Viewfinder - is online now! A massive 99% of the £2.99 purchase price will go directly towards helping people with disabilities to enjoy the benefits of gaming.

The idea is the brainchild of James Schall, SEGA's Director of Digital Distribution. Three items have been designed for the charity, and the viewfinder is the first to make it to the store thanks to the many votes it received in the game's design workshop.

"Demand for SpecialEffect's help is rocketing," said James. "I'm excited about the potential of these generous artwork donations to kickstart a big-hearted response from the TF2 community to help meet that demand."

Big thanks to PsykeSvdlTwilight Sparkle and Void, the generous and talented artists, for designing the three items.

"It's a fantastic gesture," said charity CEO Mick Donegan. "Gamers get what we're trying to do, and to get that support from artists within the community is a real endorsement of our work."

Players can buy the viewfinder at:

We hope that the other two items - the Belly Buttons and the Backpack - will continue to attract votes and also be available for purchase at some point in the future. 

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