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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

05 Jul 2013

SpecialEffect in Italy

Mick, our CEO, has been leaving a trail of Euroshrapnel on the office floor every time he gets his phone out, a sign that he's back from another of a series of visits to San Camillo Hospital, Venice, to train staff and collaborate on assessments with their patients who have a range of complex neurological conditions.

Mick (who, along with his many other hats, is also Professor of Assistive Design, at the OCAD University of Toronto) is a grizzled old hand as far as gaze controlled technology is concerned, but was nonetheless honoured to be invited to work in Venice with Albert Einstein World Award of Science Winner Niels Bierbaumer. Niels is Professor of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology.

While the vast majority of Dr Mick's time is spent carrying out his eyegaze research and support work in the UK, this kind of international collaboration gives us an opportunity to raise awareness and expertise across the world. But perhaps more than that, we can learn an immense amount from the insight, expertise and perspective of people like Professor Birbaumer and his colleagues.

The visits are being carried out under the dissemination phase of our StarGaze Project.

Below: Giovanni is a young boy who's been left severely disabled and without speech following a tragic accident. Here are two of the clinical staff in Mick's team that are helping Giovanni to communicate again and achieve as much as he possibly can through gaze controlled technology.

Below: Professor Neils and Professor Mick

Below: Mick, a therapist on each arm, working very hard in Venice, he tells us.

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