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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

17 Mar 2017

Small modifications make a big difference for Joshua

Sometimes it’s the small things that can be so frustrating. Just ask Joshua, who’s 21 and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has an Xbox One and loves playing Call of Duty, Fifa and GTA online with his friends, but as his condition progresses and his fingers become weaker, the controller has become more difficult for him to use.

He’d already bought himself a mini Xbox One controller which he found a lot easier to handle, but couldn’t quite manage the stick clicks (L3 and R3).

So Camilla and Frankie went to see him. They wired up two microswitches to act as L3 and R3 via an interface box, then velcroed them on top of the controller where he could easily press them with his thumbs.

Boom! Joshua now has access to the whole controller again and he’s gaming on all four cylinders.

But our team’s support doesn’t end there. “To make things neater we’re going to wire switch sockets directly into a Mini power A controller and send it to Joshua to try,” smiled Frankie. “Then we’ll keep in touch with him to see how things are going. We’ll be there if he needs us again in the future.”

Below: Joshua enjoying Call of Duty with his modified controller

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