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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

19 Jun 2018

Seriously join forces with SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect are delighted to formally welcome Andrew Stalbow (CEO and Co-Founder of leading mobile developer Seriously) as a Vice President of the charity. In addition, his colleagues Matt McMahon (SVP Business Development) and Philip Hickey (SVP Brand & Marketing) have kindly agreed to become SpecialEffect Ambassadors.

Below: McMahon, Stalbow and Hickey

Portrait images of McMahon, Stalbow and Hickey

The trio first met SpecialEffect Founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan at GDC 2015 and, ever since, on an entirely voluntary basis, have been instrumental in helping us to develop our flagship One Special Day fundraising and awareness event. Last year, the event raised over $600,000. Subsequently, Mick was invited to give a talk to Seriously in Helsinki to share the impact their help has had on our work.

Dr Mick commented: “I’m absolutely thrilled to formally welcome Andrew, Phil and Matt to the SpecialEffect family. We are so very fortunate to benefit from their passionate support and expertise as we look forward to continuing to work together to make as positive an impact on the lives of as many severely disabled worldwide as we possibly can.”

Andrew Stalbow said "Everything about SpecialEffect is inspiring, no more so than their mission, helping people with disabilities all over the world enjoy gaming by building custom controls and more.

The talented team at SpecialEffect are as passionate as they come, as seen in their efforts to bring awareness to the unique work they do, or looking to raise funds in authentic and creative ways, as they galvanize the games industry and beyond to offer time and money to support the project.

Both I and my colleagues at Seriously have had the privilege to work alongside the team at SpecialEffect. We consider ourselves lucky to be partners, and we are awed by their compassion and clarity of focus on the impact that gaming can have to improve people’s lives."

Matt McMahon added “I - and we here at Seriously - were lucky enough to work with SpecialEffect around One Special Day. Honestly, I took gaming for granted, in the sense that I didn’t pause to think about how empowering gaming could be to a disabled person. The ability to run in a game of FIFA, the ability to chat and play with friends around the world, the ability to affect the world around you — once I stopped to think about it, it made me realize how important SpecialEffect’s work is. I have two young boys and if they were ever to find themselves in a similar situation, I would count myself lucky to have somebody like Dr Mick, and the whole SpecialEffect team, looking after them.”

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