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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

26 Sep 2017

Free 3D file for a securely mounted PS4 controller

Grab any console controller and try using one of the joysticks with your chin. Chances are you’ll feel a fair bit of wobble going through your hand.

Eliminating this wobble factor has always been a challenge when we’re securing controllers to mounting arms, especially when faced with the curved underside of a PS4 controller. There’s only so much wobbling that our industrial velcro can take.

But step forward this inspirational flash of purple below Tom’s controller in this picture.

It’s a 3D-printed block with a bolt hole and a curved top that snugly fits the PS4 controller. We just add an M10 bolt and screw it firmly to our mounting arms. You won’t believe the difference it’s already making for so many of the people we're helping!

The block design comes courtesy of the illustrious Ed Fowler, and he’s kindly made the .stl file freely downloadable here so you can 3D-print your own. Thanks Ed!

Below: Tom taking on FIFA with his rock-solid PS4 controller

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