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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

21 Mar 2017

Sean's in the driving seat of World of Tanks

Ah yes, World of Tanks. A great strategic game but not much fun if you can only hide and shoot. This was the problem facing Sean. He’s a quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury, and for gaming he can only really use his head and a bit of hand movement.

Nomi, Francis and the team were able to mount a controller by his chin, then added some voice controls for shooting, plus some vertically mounted button switches to act as directional keys, whackable with the backs of his hands.

It's fantastic to see Sean enjoying a game he’d really wanted to play. The World of Tanks community has been incredibly generous through their support and fundraising, and it's a privilege to introduce another player to this absorbing game.

Speaking of WoT, check out this video of QuickyBaby using just his EYES to play the game. He's using some awesome equipment we lent him for his charity livestream, and he has our grateful thanks for his support over the last few years.

Every day we're helping more and more people with physical disabilities to rediscover the fun and inclusion of video games, so please donate now to help us keep the magic flowing!


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