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SpecialEffect News

07 Feb 2013

Sam's finally able to join in the fun


For most people, getting a games console as a present is a moment of pure anticipation and excitement. Sam was no different, but he discovered his cerebral palsy meant that he wasn’t able to use the controller.


So the console sat in his room and was only used when his nieces and nephews came round. Sam would watch them play.


A few weeks ago Sam saw the video of Callum on our website using a modified controller that we’d set up. He got in touch with us, and a couple of days ago Bill and Gav bowled up the M1 to see if there was any way of enabling him to join in the fun.


He was really excited when we set up an Xbox for him. With a chin joystick and a couple of switches at the back of his headrest he was soon playing Dirt Showdown, F1 Race Stars and Fifa 13 like a demon.


We’ll be getting the equipment ordered so that we can lend it to him for a proper trial period. And when we visit again we’ll be introducing him to a few different genres of games.


Bill, Gav, Mick and Gillian are constantly travelling throughout the UK (and beyond) to meet a rising level of demand for help for people like Sam.


To ease the pressure we’re delighted and exceptionally grateful that your support has enabled us to take on a second occupational therapist for six months. We’ll be able to visit more people more often, working to bring a better quality of life to people who deserve more than a little fun.


Below: Sam tries out his new game control setup with Bill

Sam in a Wheelchair controlling a computer game with Bill looking on

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