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29 Jan 2017

Sam's back in the game

Great to see Sam bossing his games again! He loves playing on his PS4, but he’s been finding the controller a bit big and heavy because of his spinal muscular atrophy. Pressing the buttons and moving the sticks has been a bit difficult as well, so Joe and Frankie visited him last week to see if they could help.

“We tried a low-force controller and Sam got on really well with it,” explained Joe. “We’d modified it to make the buttons and sticks easier to press and move, mounted it onto a small wedge, then attached this to a lap tray. He found playing games much easier and we were able to loan him the equipment for a thorough testing.”

Here’s Sam enjoying his Lego games and having a go on Ratchet and Clank. Looks like his minion's pretty impressed!

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