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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

24 May 2013

Sam tops a great week at SpecialEffect

Chaos. Next to me I have Gav sawing away at an PS3 joypad with grim determination, carrying out some cunning mod to the microswitches. Bill's running round with armfuls of equipment preparing for this afternoon's visit to our games room by Paralympian Mark Fosbrook and a puckful of players from the Oxford City Stars ice hockey team. And Mick's basically just getting in the way, wandering around in a dazed but happy state having arrived back from Jersey, where he's made about a dozen visits to people with disabilities in just over three days.

Thank you, Sam!

Time to slip on the headphones for some Chicane escapism and share this great email that came in this week from Sam. He was given an Xbox as a Christmas present but, because of his cerebral palsy, he could only watch other people have fun using it. A couple of months ago we visited him and set him up with a chin joystick and a couple of switches on the back of his headrest. Here's what he wrote this week:

Hi Bill,
I am doing fantastic with my Xbox games
I am now a champion football player,
Not such a good racing driver,
But I am the best WWE wrestler
As for football manager no one can beat me,
Having great fun thanks to you all at special effects.
Mum say's it is very peaceful now I am working full time as a footballer,varying driver, wrestler and manager.
We will see you soon thank you again

Thanks Sam, and it's great that your Mum's getting in on the wider benefits!

Below: Sam in full gaming flow

Fancy a Gaming marathon? We've got the info

Still reeling from the wonderful recent gaming marathons that people have put themselves through recently, including Noriko & Ch3m1c4l who Starcrafted their way to over £250 for us a couple of weekends ago.

If you're thinking of running a gaming marathon for us, you might want to download our info about getting started. It covers things like fundraising effectively and making your stream more interesting, as well as the nanny-state stuff like remembering to take regular breaks and wash behind your ears.

British 10k. Again.

14 July in London. Drone drone. I'm going to keep banging on about this until the signup deadline. But listen, LISTEN to what people on Twitter are saying! You'll really miss out if you're not in on this. I've done it twice and I'm not a runner. It's SERIOUSLY GOOD FUN. Sign up, go on, do it!

Getting a toehold in Backspace

Great to see Rob Williams who stopped off to see us at the Backspace Festival in Leamington this week. He uses a modified Xbox Joypad with his toes. Here he is with exhibition organiser (and SpecialEffect Ambassador) Nat Griffiths, and our Gav.


And last but by no means least, if you're over at the MCM Comic Con in London this weekend, look out for the illustrious Patrick Day-Childs, who's dressing as a Deadpool Maid to raise money for us. That's one brave fella. We salute you.

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