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SpecialEffect News

23 Jun 2017

Read about Lisa's journey back to gaming

Take a moment to catch this frank and inspiring blog post by our friend Lisa, who has a disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). It means she has has stiff joints and weak muscles which leaves her with a very limited range of movement in all her limbs.

“I hadn't played a console since the Nintendo GameCube was released. By this time I think I'd just accepted that I was unable to play games consoles anymore,” she writes.

“Then Frankie and Gillian came with an Xbox One and a lot of fancy equipment for me to have a go at using. After a little while, I was actually playing Assassin's Creed Unity! Maybe not with all the buttons plugged in at this stage, but I was doing it nonetheless!”

“I’ve been gaming independently since then!”

Lisa's journey back to gaming

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