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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

21 Feb 2018

Project168 and Respawn Point nail 7-day streams!

SO many fantastic people streaming for us at the moment, but a huge special mench for two seven-day behemoths that have recently finished.

First up is DJTruthsayer and TheCommander of Project168 and their amazing community and supporters. They’ve just raised a total of over £16k for us and during a recent fantastic full-week charity stream.

We really don’t know where to start with thank yous - just awesome!!! Sometimes words fail us, and it’s such a massive boost knowing that you guys really care about our work. Legends, all of you, including WavePunk, StrikeDM, SlapstickLogic, Geoff, RevolverC, Bwana, Matoro, Shul, Bognogus, Frozenballz, Pumpkinberry, DKDiamantes, Evraee, Malic_VR, Kitboga, TheGameCase, Simon, Kaoigi, MeganLenius, ThaButtress, LunaLyrik, ThatViolinChick, Helinefay, Meriamber, OtherButtons, TheLuckMusic, Frankthepegasus, Thai, ImperialGrrl, ResurrectionFern, Misskaddykins, CarelevelZero and KateClick.

Project168 and Respawn Point nail 7-day streams!

We're also truly indebted to the guys at Respawn Point who've just completed their Sonic Marathon 6, and raised over $2000!

Every year they gather together and set aside an entire week with one shared goal: to raise some money for charity while bashing their heads against as many Sonic the Hedgehog games as they possibly can. They played every main line Sonic game and as many side games as they could.

It's an absolute honour to be chosen yet again by Ash, Zack, Soph and the crew - thank you so much for battling sleep and to everyone who donated. Simply, utterly wonderful!

Sonic Marathon 6

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