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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

07 Apr 2017

Paul's back on the pitch!

Meet Paul, who's back on the FIFA pitch knocking the goals in after a spinal injury left him with no movement below his shoulders.

He's an avid gamer and loyal Chelsea fan, and an accident a year ago left him with no way to play as his pitch heroes in FIFA.

He got in touch, so Joe and Nomi went to his house and set him up with a combination of a mounted chin joystick and a couple of switches mounted on his wheelchair headrest either side of his head.

The subtle twist is in the mounting of the head switches. Paul has an existing pair in pretty much the same position to control his powered wheelchair, so to make sure he has the option of gaming or using his wheelchair, Joe and Nomi mounted them on velcro loops around each side.

A simple detail maybe, but a vital one, and only by visiting Paul could we make the most of the opportunity. It's another example of why our one-to-one visits are so important in enabling people to play to the very best of their abilities.

Paul's now absolutely loving his gaming again, and it's all thanks to your amazing support in keeping our expertise, vans, petrol and equipment on the road!


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