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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

10 Oct 2017

Paul plays PS4 again after remapping magic

Sometimes we just need to remap controls rather than work out a super-complex gaming setup!

That’s certainly the case with Paul from Liverpool. He lost the ability to play games due to a spinal injury, but being a huge Liverpool fan he was really hoping we could find a way for him to play FIFA on the PS4 - his sister even promised him one for Christmas!

He already had an idea of how we might be able to help, which was a great start. He only had voluntary movement of his right arm, but using his thumb and index finger on the left stick, he was able to stretch his ring and little finger to press the face buttons on the controller.

Within a few minutes he was controlling his character in the FIFA practice arena in two-button mode, so we remapped the Square face button to act as R2 for sprinting and he progressed quickly to a game - Liverpool v Manchester United. Not an easy first match, but he was happy with the scoreline!

Paul also wanted to play racing games, so with a quick remap he was zipping around the track in Project Cars, using X to accelerate and Square to brake.

Great to be part of bringing back some video game magic into Paul's life!

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