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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

15 Apr 2013

Paul lives a Pirate's life with Kinect Party

Paul has Sjogren Larssen Syndrome, a rare genetic condition. He has developmental delay and uses a wheelchair but, like most young people of his age, he's keen to explore the world of computer games. Until we visited him, he hadn't had much success. His mother Kerry takes up his story.

"We bought an Xbox as a family present for Christmas a couple of years ago thinking that with the new Kinect sensor Paul would be able to join in and play along with all of us."

"We tried many games, but couldn't find any that recognised Paul in his powerchair. This just left him, and us, very frustrated - and the Xbox redundant!"

"When SpecialEffect came to see us they recommended some Kinect games, including Kinect Party, that recognised Paul in his chair. He was able to play immediately."

"As an added bonus, they also set him up with an adapted game controller enabling him to play his favourite Cars 2 game. Paul's now 'hooked' and we’ve had some fun family nights all playing the Xbox together. It’s opened up a whole new world of gaming to him."

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