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SpecialEffect News

12 Mar 2017

Oxfordshire boys smash £500 charity target with smart gaming marathon

“The pitch to the parents was to enjoy some relaxing guilt-free shopping as your kids raise money for charity,” says James Dolan, father of Kai, one of four Oxfordshire friends who played video games as ‘Team Fiendish’ for over 24 hours during our recent GameBlast weekend.

It’s a pitch that resulted in an amazing total of over £500 of donations to support SpecialEffect in levelling the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

Unusually, the four friends - Kai, Max, Chris and Nathan - didn’t livestream their gameplay to a donating audience. Instead they relied on word-of-mouth, awareness-raising and goodwill to generate their funds. And to maximise that goodwill they split their gaming marathon into a parentally-acceptable two stretches of twelve hours of play.

“We took over my dad’s office and started at around 3pm on Saturday.” said Kai. “We played Overwatch, FIFA and Rocket League.” He pauses. “But mainly Rocket League.”

The boys were boosted by online players in an Xbox ‘club’ that Kai created just for the marathon. “I think there were around ten altogether,” said Max. “But for us four it was a rolling relay.”

“The longest stretch anyone played individually was about seven hours.” added Chris.

Next year they’re planning to to raise even more donations. “We really enjoyed GameBlast and were invited to visit the SpecialEffect offices to see how they help people.” said Nathan.

Kai's fired up for next year: “We really want to try livestreaming and maybe have some team competitions. Now we’ve some experience we’ll be better organised for GameBlast18.”

We’re hugely grateful to Team Fiendish for their hard work, even more so as they’ve brilliantly demonstrated that fundraising via a non-livestreamed marathon is alive and kicking. Nice one!

Below: Team Fiendish at SpecialEffect Towers

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