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03 Aug 2013

Oxford keeper's safe hands for charity

We're rubbing our hands in anticipation of the new football season, especially now that Oxford United's goalkeeper Ryan Clarke will be sporting our name on his gloves as he tips 30-yard thunderbolts around the post.

There's a kind of SpecialEffect-type backstory that we're shoehorning into this. Ryan thought he may never play again after surgery on both his shoulders last January, but he returned to action a few days ago after his determination to play again saw him complete his rehabilitation.

Oxford's goalkeeping gloves are sponsored by our friends Manor Flooring, who've very generously given us a plug on the wristbands.

The one disappointing note is that Nick and I have both failed dismally to come up with any sort of decent headline for this story, despite its pun-rich potential. Unacceptable really.

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