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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

07 Mar 2014

A whole new ball game for Owen

OK, so you’re playing FIFA, but you can only slowly move one finger on your left hand. So what can you do? Basically run up the pitch hoping you won’t be tackled, and shoot if you can. Those was just one of the limitations facing Owen, an avid gamer from Kent whose cerebral palsy was affecting what he could achieve in his games.

Above: Owen goes through on goal with his new setup

Our specialist team of technologists and therapists paid Owen a visit, and by working carefully with his abilities we were able to utilise a variety of assistive tech to position a head switch where he could hit it quickly and comfortable without him feeling ‘boxed in’, and a small switch just by the left analog stick for quick passes.

After adding a couple of switches off to the side for navigating menus, Owen’s now shooting on the run! We’ll be lending him the equipment for a thorough trialling with FIFA and other sports games and, as with all our work, we won’t be charging Owen or his family a single penny.

It’s the specialist expertise and many small details that make Owen's setup effective. Details like the size, colour and careful positioning of the switches, the expertise in mounting the tech so that it can be safely and securely operated, and the quality of the hardware so that Owen can game for as long as he wants to.

We’re continually investing time, equipment and staff to help many more people like Owen, and it’s this kind of difference that makes it all worthwhile. It’s why we’re asking everyone involved our recent GameBlast weekend to be proud of their efforts and the money they raised - no matter how large or small the donation. It’s you that’s making it all possible. Thank you!

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