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SpecialEffect News

13 Sep 2013

Support our crowdfunding project – 'Playing with your Eyes'

We're inviting everyone in the gaming community to get behind ‘PLAYING WITH YOUR EYES’, our first crowdfunding project, launching on the Gambitious platform this week. The aim is to raise £5950 (€6955/$9190) in order to purchase a new specialist eye-control unit.

It's equipment that will help many people with severe disabilities to enjoy and play games, levelling the playing field and creating a better quality of life. People like Henry, who was able to play with a real toy train for the first time in his life using this cutting-edge technology. If we raise double the amount, we'll buy two of these amazing pieces of equipment.

Eye-control technology is particularly helpful for those suffering from locked-in syndrome, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy amongst many others conditions. Together with the technical and medical expertise of the our team, eye-control technology can not only enable people to access and play games, but assist with rehabilitation, build self-esteem and help create a better quality of life through playing games.

But it’s not all one way. In return for the pledges made by supporters, we've designed a range of enticing rewards. Whether it’s being included on the ‘Roll of Honour’, being featured in the ‘Video Credits’, or a place on the ‘Virtual Plaque’, there are rewards available for all supporters. At the top of the list is being invited to visit for a full day at the SpecialEffect National Accessible Games Centre in Oxfordshire, where supporters get to meet our team and see how we're helping disabled gamers. 

Our CEO, Dr Mick Donegan, commented, “The demand for our work is growing all the time, so we're asking the gaming community, who have always been enormously supportive of our work, to help us through crowdfunding. The PLAYING WITH YOUR EYES project will help us meet this growing demand and enable us to purchase this very special piece of eye-controlled equipment in order to reach and help more and more people with disabilities to play games”

The crowdfunding project PLAYING WITH YOUR EYES launches on Gambitious on 13 September 2013 and will run for 30 days until 2 October 2013. You can watch the video and pledge your support here:

The project wouldn't be happening without the energy, drive and support of the wonderful Andy and Kirsty Payne, so many thanks to both of them for their invaluable support.

You can download the full press release here.

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