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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

24 May 2017

New video series talks SpecialEffect tech

Paul's spinal injury left him with little movement in his fingers and arms, but now he's back enjoying his FPS games thanks to a nifty setup of adaptors, interfaces and switches we worked out for him.

It's the sort of setup explained in Bill and Joe's fascinating new series of HowTo videos that reveal some of the latest control techniques we're using to level the playing field. So far there's walkthroughs for:

  • Adding switches into one-handed FPS setups
  • How to wire a switch to act as a walk forward command
  • How to use Xbox One’s CoPilot
  • How to create, import and export a Cross Hair Profile

The kit we use is changing all the time, but we hope the videos will be useful for people who can’t easily access our one-to-one service.

In truth, the tech is usually just one part of any really effective solution. That also relies on aspects like seating and positioning, mounting of kit, ease of use over time, expectations etc, but without the tech, there’s no starting point.

It's a starting point that led to Paul regaining a full gaming experience. "I thought I'd never play games again until I met SpecialEffect," he said. "Thanks to them I can still enjoy games as much as I did before my spinal injury."


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