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SpecialEffect News

22 Apr 2013

"Never again," says London Marathon legend Nick Streeter

Our illustrious fundraiser Nick Streeter raised over £3.5k by running the London Marathon at the weekend.

Nick gave everything in his 5.5 hour run, which was the culmination of a remarkable effort for a man known more for his love of long-distance Guiness sessions than long-distance running.

"Never again though," said a sweaty Streeter at the finish. "It was unbelievably tough. But a massive thank you to everyone who's supported or donated. The British 10k should be a walk in the park after this."

Talking of which, have Nick's efforts inspired you to join our British 10k team in July? Far less pain, big party afterwards!

Below: Nick mid-race (pic: Johnny Minkley)

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