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02 Sep 2013

Minecraft server for players with Autism and ADHD

Met some great people at Multiplay's Insomnia event the other week, not least  the wonderful folk from APTTA Craft who run a server specifically for Minecraft players with autism and ADHD.

It's a safe and exciting community for children and young people with autism, ADHD and related conditions to enjoy Minecraft. The server allows children to participate in creating, building and playing in a PVP-free, monitored environment with extra activities including team builds and 'horse racing'.

The server, run on a voluntary basis by Amanda and her partner Mark, and is very new, they would welcome any support, donations or adults who would consider becoming moderators for the server to give them a break! They are also obviously actively recruiting new players although after only three weeks of opening they have already got a subscription of over 90 players on their whitelist.

The parents of any child on the server need to give consent, and contact details are requested in order for Amanda to share both the positive achievements of players and also to inform parents if there are any issues they need to be aware of.

Amanda's email address is

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