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SpecialEffect News

SpecialEffect News

01 May 2013

Michael strikes back, and tough things

Here's a quick twelve-second video of our good friend Michael that captures the moment when he beat Gillian, one of our occupational therapists, in a bowling game last week.

Michael had a brain-stem haemorrhage when he was forty which left him unable to speak or use his limbs. He has a small degree of facial movement, and here he's trying out an Impulse Switch on his forehead. It senses tiny muscle contractions, and we paired it up with Switch Lanes, a game from

The arrow in the game swings automatically from side to side, and Michael's using the Impulse Switch to choose when to release the ball towards the pins. It's harder than it looks!

(Worth saying that the eye-gaze computer in the middle of the clip isn't being used - we were running the game on a laptop with a projector.)

Tough guy

Just dragged Nick away from his attempts to impress the staff in the neighbouring office with tales of his London Marathon pain and glory. Shown him this:

It's the marvellous Max Pears sprinting, yes sprinting just yards away from the finish of the Half Marathon of the North where he raised a whopping £200 for our work. Ah, well, yes, says Nick weakly, but that was only a half-marathon...

Tough going

Brian Tyndall's been smoking he was 11, but he's giving up from 1 May. He's motivating himself through sponsorship in aid of SpecialEffect and you can make his ordeal a little easier by encouraging him at

Tough as nails

Ouch. Nik Elvy had our logo tattooed on his arm this week.

Tough cookies

Given that this magnificant group of hardy engineers from RAF Benson forgot to bring their tools, they're doing rather well in their 900 mile sponsored cycle journey from Land's End to John O' Groats. Help them wheeze up them there Cairngorms at

Tough Mudder

Look away now. Tough Mudder events are hardcore 12 mile-long obstacle courses designed by the Special Forces to test strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. And Sally Donegan, our ex-events supremo, has organised a team to take one on this weekend! You can turn their pain into gain at

Tough love

Here's a grainy but heartwarming picture of our therapist Marta. She's cuddling a two day-old kitten belonging to one of the people we were working with this week. Rugby-playing Marta, whose no-nonsense approach to life makes Alan Sugar look like a doe-eyed rabbit, was deeply moved. "I suppose it was quite nice," she shrugged.

Tough varnish on shiplap timber

Nick's just moved into a new house with MAINS POWER IN THE SHED! The male contingent of SE staff hate him.

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