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24 Dec 2012

Making a bagful of difference

A massive Christmas thank you to the volunteers who yesterday donated their valuable time to pack bags at Sainsbury's in Witney. The £1700 they raised will make a difference to many many more people in the new year. 

People like Joe, a very bright young man from Bradford who has muscular dystrophy. Because of his progressive condition he now needs a ventilator to help him breathe and he can't use his fingers to control a computer. At the request of the medical staff supporting him, SpecialEffect have loaned and set him up with a special eye-gaze controlled computer.


Joe emailed Mick only yesterday, and here's the picture he attached. He created it using his eyes, pixel by pixel, and it took him weeks. But he did it!

"Thank you for getting me back on the computer," he wrote (with his eyes). "I've now got my independence."

That's priceless, and the wonderful generosity of the people of Witney are going to make more breakthroughs like this possible. 

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