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SpecialEffect News

01 Apr 2014

Look Daddy, I'm playing by myself!

A few days ago we had the real privilege of helping five year-old Max to master his games.

“Max has cerebral palsy and loves playing Xbox," said Theresa, his mother. "He can use his left hand but doesn’t have any fine motor skills in his left side. Up until he started school this hasn’t been a problem, but now he plays with his friends he’s more aware that his limited function affects his ability to play the games his friends play.”

We visited Max to see if we could help. His Dad Alan explained that Max loves racing games, but because of his limited function, he’d often have to just steer while his Dad pressed the buttons or vice versa. He also likes Toy Story, but couldn't make his character move and jump at the same time.

We had various challenges to overcome, but the switch-based setup we’ve ended up with gives the flexibility to position the switches wherever they need to be. They can also be mapped to any controller button. We agreed the best thing would be for Max to use different switch arrangements for different games.

Max has a great relationship with his dad and will still enjoy playing games with him, but Max can now play independently if he wants to. At one point he even shouted, “Look Daddy, I'm playing by myself!”

Now he can play the games his friends play, ensuring he’s included. And if you're a five year-old, THAT'S what matters!

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