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20 Apr 2017

Liam's driving ambition

Frankie and Cam headed to Yorkshire last week to meet Liam, He’s a YouTube mad, gameshow-loving 20 year-old who used to enjoy playing bowling and other games on the Nintendo Wii.

He thought his Cerebral Palsy would make mainstream gaming on today’s consoles too tricky, but his parents had noticed he was using his iPad pretty well, so they got in touch.

Liam was up for trying some rally action on the Xbox360 with Dirt Showdown, so he began by steering with a heavy-duty joystick fitted with a large ball top while Frankie operated the gas and brake. But it quickly became apparent that Liam was ready to take control himself, so Cam gave him a couple of large button switches and he went donut-mad!

Great to be able to help Liam enjoy console gaming again and glad that we could open up a whole new gaming journey for him!

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